Thursday, December 9, 2010

Taking a Mexican Siesta

A few months ago I went over to a friend's house for drinks and we ending up doing an impromptu vision board night. Beyond creating about a billion images with men on cruise ships, I discovered this amazing image from a resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. It just proved inspiration can come from the most unlikely places. For months, I've been forcing inspiration, yet nothing seemed to come to fruition. There was the trip to Italy (I know, poor me) just two weeks prior to our vision board extravaganza, which I was certain would bring miles and miles of inspiration. As beautiful as it was, no deal on that one. Before that it was Alice in Wonderland. I love color and the imagery was fanastic in Tim Burton's remake of the classic, but still no deal. But this image, coming from an unlikely time and unlikely source, is giving me oodles of inspiration--so much so that I have a few rough fashion sketches started.
As I work on the collection, I'll update the blog with the steps along the way. So with the image of my initial inspiration out of they way, expect the mood board and color story to follow shortly. (Hint: there will most definitely be the yellow, blue-violet, vivid pinks and oranges.